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Institute of Mining, Mineralogy and Metallurgy, BCSIR Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 9th January 2024


Institute of Mining, Mineralogy and Metallurgy (IMMM), Joypurhat is one of the unique extensions of the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR). Earlier, in 2001 an Annual Development Project (ADP) was undertaken to establish the institute. The implementing agency was the BCSIR under the Ministry of Science and Technology. After completion of the ADP project in March 2009, IMMM was turned to the revenue budget of BCSIR along with newly appointed employees in June 2010. Currently, the total working manpower is 61, out of which 10 are scientists and engineers. The Honorable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the “Institute of Mining, Mineralogy and Metallurgy (IMMM)” on 22nd January 2012. The Honorable Prime Minister expressed her satisfaction with the R&D activities of IMMM and inspired the personnel to take modern instrument-based applied research projects to upgrade the science and technology of Bangladesh and for the socio-economic development of the country. The Honorable Prime Minister urged the scientists to expose their research findings to the nation and build up new technology using mined and processed materials so that Bangladesh could reach a top-level economy in the world. IMMM is the only research organization in Bangladesh engaged with research on Mining, Mineralogy and Metallurgy in single premises.