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Institute of Mining, Mineralogy and Metallurgy, BCSIR Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 19th November 2023

R&D Project (Ongoing)

  1. Geochemical study of Arsenic (As) and other toxic element in groundwater and sediments of Bangladesh (July 2022-June 2024)
  2. Risk assessment of potentially toxic metals in street dust of the Chittagong City in Bangladesh (July 2022-June 2024)
  3. Assessment of critical mineral resources in Bangladesh (July 2023-June 2025)
  4. Treatment of paper mill effluent for reuse as irrigation water (July 2023-June 2025)
  5. Synthesis of synthetic toner powder using waste tires (July 2023-June 2025)
  6. Development of composite materials from waste plastics and sand (July 2023-June 2025)
  7. Exploration of valuable heavy minerals on the Meghna River estuary (July 2023-June 2025)
  8. Development of a flexible storage system from BaTiO3 composite with polymer (July 2023-June 2025)